The Health Care System Is Struggling With Adult And How Communication, Clinical Skills, And Proper Hygiene

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Canada health care system is struggling to provide quality care to the growing number of older adults in our acute and longterm care settings. This paper is a self-reflective analysis on caring for the older adult and how communication, clinical skills, and proper hygiene are essential in providing high quality care to older clients . This paper will help determine my weakness and strengths, so I can continue to grow as a Lisence Practical nurse and help Canada’s health care system. For the purpose of maintaining confidentality, I have named my patient Mrs. Holistic in order to adhere to the code of ethics, according to the laws and regulations of College of License Practical Nurse of Newfoundland and Labrador. Communication One of the fundamentals ways to care for an older adult is to have effective communication skills, this allows for you to establish a “therapeutic Relationship” ( College of Nursing of Ontario, 2006). Letting your client know that you care about there feelings and situation will help your client to develope trust, and will lay a foundation for implementing important clinical interventions, that may be needed in the future. “The qualities of the therapeutic relationship include: active listening, trust, respect, genuineness, empathy, and responding to client concerns” (College et al., 2006, p 3). Reflection 3 Assessment My first interaction with an elderly client named Mrs. Holistic took place on a long term care unit, where my patient was diagnois with a sacral fracture and leukemia. I introduced myself as a student nurse, and told her I was on a eight week clinical placement. I asked her open end questions, that essentialy gave me back ground information on Mrs. Holistic past. Throught my care for Mrs.... ... middle of paper ... ...ften come and ask me how his wife was doing , or he’d often laugh at my jokes, and I knew we was happy with the care I provided for his wife. Canadia’s health care system can be restored, if all health care professionals remembering that quality care is important, and can be cost effective not only to the older adult but to all patients and staff. In the future as a Lisence Practical Nurse, I hope to become more proficient in my clinical skills, become a better avoocate for promoting hand hygiene, and communicate effectivly with all future clients. As a health care professional I know that small changes can help restore faith in Canada’s health care system, leading to decrease expenditures, while providing higher quality care to the older adult. Reflection 7 References CDC. (2016) Handwashing, p 1 Retrieved October 24, From

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