The Healing By Jonathan Odell

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Another character who is affected dramatically is Ella. She is forced to give up her precious baby girl just because she is a black slave, and because a white rich woman is going through a rough time. Everybody accommodates Mistress Amanda’s needs and could care less what Ella is going through just because she is black. Ella is very frustrated by having to give up her child. “ The Mistress held out her arms out before her. ‘Give her here.’ Ella took a step back with the bawling child. ‘No Mistress! Don 't!’....The Mistress got herself up unsteadily to her feet Have you ever felt hopeless? Have you ever felt like nobody cares about your feelings, or whether you live or die? Questions like these present themselves in the novel The Healing by Jonathan Odell when many characters experience difficult situations in their lives, and how the characters heal from these difficulties is very different. The novel The Healing shows theme in how all of the characters heal differently despite their vastly different conflicts. The first character who deals with the most dreadful incident is Mistress...

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