The Head Start Program

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The Head Start Program Preschool is a highly debated area of a child’s educational journey. One of the primary goals of preschool is to prep the child for traditional elementary school. There are several contemporary models of education that are designed to help children be successful throughout their school years. The Head Start Program was one of those programs. The Head Start Program was designed by President Johnson to aid in assisting lower income families who had children attending traditional education the following school year. The program was initially only eight weeks, but under the Clinton administration the first Early Head Start grants are given and in October of 1998; Head Start was reauthorized to expand to full-day and full-year services (” (University of Michigan, 2005) This program gives a “head start” to those children who “come from backgrounds where funds, parenting, and health are lacking.” (University of Michigan, 2005) This paper will focus on a study performed to assess the success of the Head Start Program for ch...
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