The Haunted Maze Mansion - Original Writing

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The Haunted Maze Mansion - Original Writing ‘Hey, what lessons have you got today?’ Zoë asked Louise as she skipped towards the lockers, where Louise was standing. ‘The usual; French, Maths, English and IT, not a very good day.’ It was a normal day at school, Mondays, no fights, everyone really tired from the weekend and no-one ready to do any work. ‘Hey, Louise can I have your English homework please? I forgot to do it and the teacher will kill me!’ Nina shouted as she came in rushing up the stairs nearly tripping over her tie, which was in her hand. Nina always looks scruffy, with her shirt hanging out and her top button undone at the end, and at the beginning of the day. ‘Yeah sure. What happened to you?’ Louise replied with a look of worry on her face. Louise has very dark brown hair which always smells of Pantene shampoo. ‘I forgot to turn my alarm clock on. I woke up about fifteen minutes ago.’ Nina mumbled as she tried to catch her breath. Her brown eyes looked still asleep. ‘Hey Megan. You’re later than normal, how comes? How was Saturday night with Ben? You didn’t do anything did you?’ Zoë inquired. Zoë is the funniest in the group; she makes everyone laugh and cheers people up when they are feeling down. ‘There was a lot of traffic,’ Megan answered as she huddled Zoë, Louise and Nina around her, ‘yes, Ben and I kissed!’ This is the normal talk for fourteen-year-old girls, Megan and Ben or just boys overall. Megan is most interested in boys. Especially Ben. ‘That reminds me. I have an invitation to give to you all,’ Louise mentioned as she began to search through her bag. ‘It is my birthday on Monday and I was wondering if you could all come to my party on Saturday? We are going to the new theme park that has opened around the corner to school and then everyone can stay round my house. It is meant to be really good; my cousin went a couple of weeks ago.