The Hate Dynasty: Chinese Immigration

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The Hate Dynasty
Chinese immigration started during the gold rush. Chinese immigrants travelled across the Pacific to America in search of new economic opportunities. However when they arrived they were treated differently. They were categorized as different by the government and were never accepted into the free working class as they were considered to be coolies or slave workers, even though these immigrants made the journey on their own free will. Commentators oppose the Chinese exclusion because of the different treatment rendered to Chinese laborers in society by the government and white working class, the lack of acceptance into society because of the racial difference and legislations introduced by the government on the basis of race
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This brings me to the second reason why commentators opposed Chinese exclusion that is Chinese immigrants were excluded because of the way they looked. In 1904, Wong Kim Ark an American born Chinese was refused entry into the United States on returning from China. He was not allowed to enter because the immigration officer deemed he was not a citizen based on the way he looked, and he was excluded under the Chinese exclusion act. Moreover, Chinese living in America post the Chinese exclusion act were made to wear a badge.(doc 5). These examples show they were racially segregated in society and because of which they were treated differently. All of this was started by the white working class is anti Chinese movement. During the 1870s and 1880s there were many publishing made showing the anti Chinese movement, which highlighted the racial difference. In a lithograph published in San Francisco, Chinese immigrants are depicted as small, dirty indicated by the “fish” and “sock” the Chinese are carrying and as a group of people that were considered ”ruinous” to white working class. Another publication made by the magazine called the “Wasp” shows a Chinese man who is portrayed as a snake destroying everyone’s life around him. Another noticeable observation is that the Chinese man is yellow skinned while the others are white. This was common racial stereotype, where Chinese men were referred to as yellow people. The anti Chinese movement became reality in 1882 with the introduction of the Chinese exclusion act. The Chinese exclusion act was introduced because of the racial and class divide that existed in society due to the white working class. Senator George Hoar described the Chinese exclusion act as “Un-American” as he believed it was wrong for the government to treat the Chinese men solely on their

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