The Hatchet: A Book: The Hatchet By Brian Robeson

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2678 words

Hatchet is a book about Brian Robeson, who recently has been going through a lot of trouble.
Brian is thirteen years old, and his parents are already divorced. He struggles very hard to enjoy his life after the divorce of his parents. He now lives alone with his mom, the option to go live with his dad was unthinkable because his dad now lives in Canada and that would mean that he couldn’t see his friends and family as regularly as he does now. But his mother promised Brian that he could still visit his father. But that isn’t easy, because you need to travel by plane in order to get to the remote cabin in the Canadian wilderness. A few days after the divorce he got a present from his mother, it was a small hatchet that you could attach to your …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how brian is nervous about flying a cessna plane to see his father in canada. the pilot complains about pain in his left shoulder, and brian assumes he's dead.
  • Analyzes how brian developed a lot throughout the story. he sensed danger before he could see what was going on.
  • Explains that they chose this book because they liked stories in which the main character learns to grow accustomed to certain situations and intrigued by the text on the back of the book.
  • Explains that hatchet is a book about brian robeson, who struggles to enjoy his life after the divorce of his parents.
  • Narrates how brian panicked and pushed his feet on the rudders of the plane to control it. he saw a radio in the dashboard and decided to call for help.
  • Describes how brian wakes up feeling something touching his feet, and tries to throw his hatchet to it, but it hits the wall, creating a waterfall of sparks in the night.
  • Opines that violence against animals isn't violence if you use the animal that you killed for the right purposes and that it is a quick and swift death.
  • Recommends this book to other people who like adventure style books. they couldn't put the book down because they wanted to know what would happen next.

He remembered the dream he had, and threw the hatchet against the wall of the ledge. And indeed, it created sparks.
Brian quickly made a fire using small pieces of bark that caught fire really fast. He now had warmth and a shelter, the only he needed was a steady food supply.
The days after he found out how to make fire, he also made a spear. With this spear he could catch fish and cook them on the fire. he then sees a plane. Brian screamed and waved his arms up and down rapidly, he wanted the plane to notice him. The plan circled around the lake a few times and then flew away. Brian went to bed and hoped the next day would be better than this one had been.
He decided to explore the area around the lake a bit, and sees an animal in the distance. It’s a wolf.
The wolf was staring at Brian, and Brian was staring at the wolf. Brian stood there staring at the wolf until the wolf turned its head and walked away in the opposite direction. The next day Brian decides to go hunt for some real meat, with his self-constructed bow and arrow. He sees a flock of birds sitting next to the lake. He pulls back the arrow, but the bow breaks in half. The wood wasn’t strong

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