The Harp of Nymph's Grove

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The Harp of Nymph's Grove

“So it's true;” I had thought, “It's really true.” Before my very eyes was a bountiful clearing, with a small brook that toppled and trickled over stones; trees that were young, but had stories to tell that even I couldn't imagine; lush fruit and berries that many creatures fawned over; sand so soft, that no material could compare; small rodents and large predators, side by side, no threat to each other. THIS was no ordinary paradise – this... was the one and only, Nymph's Grove.
“It.. is just too beautiful...” I murmured as I stared, wide eyed at the glorious creation before me. I just couldn't believe it! It couldn't be true. Everything was perfect... literally perfect. Beside me, Kip started to whine uneasily “What's wrong girl?” I asked with worry lining my voice. The small bull terrier looked up at me with an almost... confused expression. Then her head jerked back to where she had been looking before. I looked down her line of vision and I saw a small flash of light reflection. I pushed onward, trying to step lightly, as if not to disturb the beauty of what shone all around me, which was a silly notion, but if you had been there at the time, it wouldn't have sounded so kooky. Even Kip was avoiding crushing any of the small forget-me-nots and pansies that littered the bank's overhang. I held back the looming branches of a hazel tree as it leaned in towards the water, creaking in the soft breeze.
As I got closer to the stones and boulders that surrounded the creek, I started to hear something. Something I felt I recognized, and yet at the same time I could not place where I had heard it before. It was soft at first – like a whisper you messed up purposely so the other person wouldn't h...

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...o swirl and fade... everything but the soft, sweet melody of the golden Harp, the only thing I could clearly make out in the blur... And then I woke up.

“So... what did you wish for then Grandpa?” Alice asked me from the depths of the warm sheets that covered her. I smiled at her as I got up and out of the old creaking chair. I walked over to her bed, pushed the covers into her sides, tucking her in on both sides, without saying a word. After I finished, I went up to the tiny candle that flickered and fluttered in the small draft that floated in from the other room, and blew it out. As I moved off toward the door I turned and said, “That is for me to know, and you to find out.” I smiled and left her alone in her room. But just before I closed the door, I saw a shadow of a hand flash across the room's floor, and a pair of beautiful, blue eyes, starring back at me.

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