The Harmful Side Effects of Steroid Use

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The Harmful Side Effects of Steroid Use The purpose of this paper is to educate the reader on the harmful side effects of steroid use and the toll they take on the body of the user. I also discuss the legal consequences of steroid possession/use and describe the false claims made by steroid marketers. Steroids are defined as artificial versions of the hormone testosterone made by four joined carbon rings with attached hydrogen molecules. When the dangerous consequences of steroid use are overlooked, steroids can be promoted as a useful muscle-building drug. And many people around the United States take anabolic (anabolic means growing or building) steroid pills or inject themselves with this drug to try to achieve the perfect body shape. The reality is that the perfect body doesn't exist and the side effects of steroid use are very harmful on the body and the brain. The resulting problems may be irreversible and can even cause death! Steroids, when taken orally, go through the digestive tract and on to the liver where they are processed and put in to the blood. However steroids taken through injection go directly in to the blood. Either way, steroids end up in the blood stream. Blood, as you know, goes everywhere in the body and has two main areas where effects of steroids are most strongly felt: In the Limbic system The part of your brain that controls your moods, memory and learning is called the limbic system. This is the part of your brain where anabolic steroids primarily act. People who use anabolic steroids usually see a drop in their grades and a loss of previous memory. However, the most noticeable change in a steroid user is their moods. The so-called "Roid rages" are aggressive behavior towards family, friends or even strangers. The symptoms can include severe and violent outbursts. Users also may feel feelings of depression and irritability. Within the Endocrine system The testosterone production control center in your brain is called the hypothalamus. Besides testosterone production, the hypothalamus controls appetite, blood pressure, moods, and reproductive ability. When anabolic steroids are present in the blood, they are detected as extra testosterone and the hypothalamus gets "confused" and can disrupt the normal hormone production and use! In men, the resulting missing testosterone can cause the testes to shrink causing lower sperm count, reducing reproductive ability and triggering a permanent loss of scalp hair.

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