The Harlem Renaissance Movement: The New Negro Movement

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1156 words

The New Negro Movement named after the great African American writer, Alain Locke, later known, as the Harlem Renaissance was a time for the African American culture and art to grow. With that growth also came population growth. Artists from the South migrated during the Great migration to the north and Midwest Industrial cities. The Great Migration relocated 6 million African Americans from 1916-1970 and this led to a huge urban impact in the United States. One of the most impacted cities during this time was Harlem, New York City. Harlem was a formally all white neighborhood but by the 1920s housed 200,000 African Americans, which by this time made up 66 percent of New York City’s population. The Harlem Renaissance was a major contributor to the Great Migration. The Harlem Renaissance led the groundwork for a cultural change in the United States’ major Industrial Cities and many of these artists of the time were calling for political and social change. This attracted many African Americans from the South because this was the time of the Jim Crow Laws and the rebirth of the KKK.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the new negro movement, named after the great african american writer, alain locke, led to a huge urban impact in the united states.
  • Explains that 1928 was the height of the harlem renaissance movement, which included race and image building, jazz poetics, progressive or socialist politics, racial integration, musical and sexual freedom, and hedonism.
  • Explains that creating this race building required effective strategy within art and literature. the harlem renaissance writer was to write a piece of literature that would surpass itself.
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