The Harlem Renaissance: Being Crazy By Dubois

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The Harlem Renaissance influenced black African American writers tremendously. Not only did it show that they were capable of achieving great things, the Harlem Renaissance has shaped and created many pathways for people to be able to achieve something that may not have been achieved at the time.
The Harlem Renaissance was a great literature movement for African American people. Around the late 19th century and early 20th century is when the movement started. African American people were able to evolve in the literary world. The Harlem Renaissance dealt with poets, musicians, visuals arts, writers and photographers (Hutchinson, 2016). The Renaissance emerged at the end of World War I. Most African American people moved from the south, trying
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This story has so much meaning to it, this was my first time ever reading this story. In this story, it 's so much more that will have you wondering, is this what life was like for black people? All throughout the story, he 's faced with difficult decisions. "This is a white hotel", he said. I looked around. Such a color scheme requires a great deal of cleaning, I said, but I don 't know that I object. "We object", he said then why, I began, but he interrupted. "We don 't keep niggers, he said, "We don 't want social equality. “Neither do I, I want a bed". This made me mad too because just for fun back home, my friends and I always get hotels just to hang out. I couldn 't imagine being turned away because of the color of my skin. The way the man spoke to Dubois was enough for me, saying we don 't keep niggers here, it made my blood boil. So what if he was a white man, he would 've had a place to lay his head. Reading this story will have you thinking on a much deeper…show more content…
Even though Mildred Taylor wasn’t a part of the Harlem Renaissance, I thought it was important how W.E.B Dubois wrote his short story in 1907. Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry wasn 't published until 1975, and racial equality was still a heavily talked issue that authors published books about. This story was about a black family and the life they live. A girl Cassie Logan, tells you about her life growing as a black young girl. In this story, you hear about the troubling times that the family endures (Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry,

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