The Harlem Renaissance And African American Writers

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The Harlem Renaissance influenced black African American writers tremendously. Not only did it show that they were capable of achieving great things, the Harlem Renaissance has shaped and created many pathways for people to be able to achieve something that may not have been achieved at the time. The Harlem Renaissance was a great literature movement for African American people. Around the late 19th century and early 20th century is when the movement started. African American people were able to evolve in the literary world. The Harlem Renaissance dealt with poets, musicians, visuals arts, writers and photographers (Hutchinson, 2016). The Renaissance emerged at the end of World War I. Most African American people moved from the south, trying to get an opportunity to better themselves (Harlem Renaissance. 2012). This was important because most black writers didn 't get credit for the work they did. People didn 't take African American writers serious back then. Some people thought they didn 't have a good enough education, or because they didn 't like what they had to say. The Harlem Renaissance, which was also about racial pride said African Americans were able to achieve everything people said they couldn 't do. It helped gain a source of pride, hope, and encouragement. Pride because even though they are African American, good things can still come out of them. Hope in a sense that, change can come; if they just keep achieving what was said to not be done. Especially because not too long ago, black people shouldn 't have been able to read or write. Now you are having a literacy movement and black people are mainly involved. Even though the “New Negro movement” was occurring, race issues still emerged. People didn 't look at Afri... ... middle of paper ... ...e W.E.B Dubois and Langston Hughes used the Harlem Renaissance to take advantage of expressing the hardships for black people. Not only did it give them an advantage, but it also paved the way for authors like Mildred, who still can talk about racial equality that she saw growing up. The Harlem Renaissance has done a lot of early authors, but also for authors of this time. Racial equality is something that has been seen for years and still is seen today. The Harlem Renaissance was a chance for African Americans to be able to accomplish things that were said couldn 't be done. It gave people a chance to be great at expressing the issue that they thought was important. Also, help giving hope to people who thought that it couldn 't be done, and gave them a sense of humbleness that only greater things can come. The Harlem Renaissance was an important literacy movement.

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