The Handmaid 's Tale By Margaret Attwood

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Imagine a world where you are confined to a room, you have no say in what your day to day life holds, you have no say in anything that happens in your life. This is not an imagination it is reality for the Handmaids in The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Attwood. In this story the narrator Offred describes what it is like to be her about her existence in an oppressive organization in a theocratic dictatorship world. “A theocracy dictatorship is a form of government in which a deity is officially recognized as the civil ruler and official policy is governed by officials regarded as divinely guided, or is pursuant to the doctrine of a particular religion or religious group” (Wikipedia). In this story the dictatorship takes place in Gilead, we see that feminism has gone away, and the patriarchy is expressed by religious and governmental dictatorship. In the book, The Handmaids Tale Margaret Attwood makes a valid point of showing that the theory of cultural feminism is virtually dead. It is revealed that this new world is a nightmare in which it subjugates women to the point of sexual slavery, taking away the general idea of who women are, and what they feel. Feminism is this ‘amazing’ idea that women are actual people, who have feelings, opinions, and a mind. The women in the Gilead are not people, rather they are seen as tools and possessions with which to help another’s status in society. The evolving government has established a patriarchal, chauvinist, plainly downright sexist society. Individual freedoms have been revoked for the supposed benefit of the greater good, yet the only people truly profiting from the new order are the male leaders in society. The sexually-enslaved Handmaids, experience incredible oppression... ... middle of paper ... ...y become mundane which is explained and displayed as Offred is sitting on her mat and says, “so I switch my mind into the holding pattern that passes for attention” (Attwood 119). Offred has learned how to appear to still be present in the moment, but drift off. In the Republic of Gilead a nightmare has become reality. The republic has made it normal for women to ‘shut up and make babies’. Meaning the women are taught that making babies, and having no say or mind set is the best for the society, and for everyone. When they conform to this they are doing God’s will, and making everything better. It’s a messed up society, which does not do good in the lives of anyone expect perhaps the commanders, and even that can be questionable. Women turn into a walking baby machine, rather than a person. It’s a sad society where the loss of womanhood is the main theme.

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