The Haitian Revolution

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The circumstances in Haiti just before The French Revolution were prime for an insurrection to occur. Lacking a clear and defined political authority, the White colonists were unable to contain adequate the rebellion that they had been forced upon themselves for years. Their contemptible treatment of Negroes and Mulattoes in Haiti sped up the progress of the cause of the abolition of slavery in Haiti. The excesses of that contemptible treatment are the very reason why the Haitian Revolution was so successful: the treatment of slaves and Mulattoes in Haiti was so bad that it forced the most violent and ultimately, the most successful slave insurrection in history. The French Revolution provided the necessary spark for the revolution in Haiti…show more content…
Toussaint had become, as West Indian historian C L R James describes him, a ‘Black Jacobin’. He was now waging all-out war for the abolition of slavery. The Haitian Revolution has often been described as the largest and most successful slave rebellion in the Western Hemisphere. At that moment the Haitian Revolution had outlasted the French Revolution which had been its inspiration. Napoleon Bonaparte, now the ruler of France, dispatched General Charles Leclerc, His brother-in-law, and 43,000 French troops to capture L 'OUverture and restore both French rule and slavery. L 'OUverture was taken and sent to France, where he died in prison in…show more content…
Due to these shifts in policy and domestic concerns, the United States would not officially recognize Haitian independence until 1862. The revolution of African slaves brought many fears to colonies surrounding Haiti and the Caribbean. Prominent wealthy American slave owners, reading about the revolution, also read speculation about what might come in their own states. However, newspapers like the Columbian Centinel took the extra steps to support the revolution, in the sense that it was based on the foundations of the American Revolution.The French media also played an important role in the Haitian Revolution, with contributions that made many French upstarts quite interested in the young, passionate Toussaint 's writings of freedom.
However, all was not simple in the press. A top critic who significantly drove Toussaint in fear of backlash from France was Sonthonax, who was responsible for many outlooks of Haiti in the French newspapers.Yet Sonthonax had been one of the few contenders who truly pushed for the independence of the African slaves and became a major factor in Toussaint 's decision of declaring independence from France. In November 1803 slaves managed to defeat the greatest European military power. On January 1, 1804, Haiti declared its independence, and in the proclamation, they used the expression “Live free or die,” which
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