The Guy Behind the Gun: Elementary School Shooting Case

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On December 17, 2012, a man shot twenty-seven people—twenty of which were children—at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Had there been a gun for the school’s defense, the amount of those killed could have been significantly lower. As Adam Lanza entered the building, armed and ready to kill, a good guy could have shot him, saving many lives. Guns control prohibits good people from having the ability to stop the bad guys. Gun control laws should be loosened because they violate the Constitution, decrease protection, and it is proven that gun control laws only result in higher crime rate. One of the problems with gun control is that it violates the Constitution. The second amendment promises “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed” (U.S. Const.). The founders put the second amendment in the Constitution so one could protect oneself. As a citizen of the United States, one is given this right and it should not be taken away for any reason. According to Snyder, “The mainstream media and many of our politicians seem absolutely obsessed with trying to restrict our constitutional right to our own guns” (n. pag.). The media takes more time to report the good of gun control and neglects the bad. The Constitution should not be neglected to tighten gun control laws. In addition to violating the constitution, another disadvantage of gun control is lack protection in public. Prohibiting one from owning guns does not stop public crimes. States with right-to-carry laws have shown significantly lower murder rates. According to Agresti and Smith in Florida, for example, there is a 36% lower rate, while Texas’ law has lowered the murder rate by 30% (Agresti an... ... middle of paper ... ...fer." Infowars. N.p., 12 Aug. 2013. Web. 17 Feb. 2014. . Works Consulted EL-Ghobashy, Tamar, and Devlin Barrett. "Dozens Killed in Conn. School Shooting." The Wall Street Journal. Dow Jones & Company, 17 Dec. 2012. Web. 13 Mar. 2014. 71453737596>. Kates, Don B., Jr. "GUN CONTROL: A REALISTIC ASSESSMENT." Gun Control: A Realistic Assessment. THE PACIFIC RESEARCH FOUNDATION, 177 POST ST., San Francisco, CA 94108, n.d. Web. 24 Feb. 2014. . Lampo, David. "Gun Control: Myths and Realities." Cato Institute. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 Feb. 2014. .

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