The Gun Control Debate in America

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Gun control has become a very hot topic of contention in America today. What seems to echo here are two words: “guns” and “crime”, in a sense that are these words mutually exclusive to each other? Does the use of guns ultimately lead to crime? On the flip side, have the laws in America restricting firearm use been effective enough to protect the lives of the citizens? These are some of the questions that strike the hearts of many when the gun control debate music is played. However, the debate about gun control is not new.
Guns as we know them to be are very powerful and dangerous weapons. They are instruments that can be used to inflict severe harm and can even lead to death. However, amidst this fact of destruction, they can also be used to defend and protect the lives and property of people. One important point to be noted here is the fact that guns are very powerful instruments that can either be used for good or ill. It is because of this fact about guns that the gun control debate still goes on and seems rather inevitable.
From my above highlights about gun control, it seems obvious why I am motivated to write about gun control, especially the American context that has been plagued by gun abuse amidst all the laws on gun control. Hence, it is pertinent to be conscious of the direction where the gun control laws are headed. Considering the nature of this debate and fact about guns, which I have already emphasized above, I am interested in the point of arrival.
Why is the gun control debate a hot issue of contention in America today? In order to unravel this question it is important to look at few indicators about gun use in America. In America today, at least more than half of all US household...

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...clical chain of events. Take for instance, the sandy hook shooting as one example that can prove this circle of events. Hence, all three have a stake in the debate because they either prevent or foster the creation of gun control laws.
In conclusion, from the point of the cyclical chain of events mentioned above, it would not be out of place to note that the gun control debate seems endless. But one thing I have noted in this essay is the fact that this issue is inevitable and concerns everyone in America today. Personally, I do not have an answer to this dilemma. But I would suggest that we pay closer attention to the matter as individuals. This should be evident in the choices we make. We should answer the question whether or not the gun control law is effective enough in protecting the lives of Americans just as the question about our freedom seems inevitable.
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