The Grudge

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The Grudge

The Grudge is a magnificent horror film based in Japan. Many years ago a family of three lived in that house- Kayoto, her husband and their little son, Toshio. Kayoto fell in love with Peter, her lecturer and wrote about him a lot in her diary. When Toshio’s father found out, he killed Kayoto and Toshio, and then hanged himself. When they die the curse is on the house and whoever enters the house will get cursed and eventually die.

During the credits the background is bright red which symbolizes blood plus the fonts of the credits are dark blooded letters. The words that feature are “death, fury and curse which suggests that the film would be in the horror genre. At the same time the background music is playing which is a piano sound. This is effective because it tells the audience that the red background is linked to blood.

In the opening scene of the horror movie Peter is calmly standing on the balcony and then suddenly jumps off. The director uses a tracking shot which leads to Peter. Then there is a close up shot of Peter’s girlfriend when she is in a state of shock this is effective because it demonstrates the emotions immediately. While this is happening broken chords are playing in the background to create tension. Then there was a tracking shot, to see Peter. In the background broken cords are playing, the tempo increases. This is effective because it shows the audience how far Peter has fallen down and creates suspense. It leaves the audience stunned and confused because Bill Pullman is a famous actor. The audience don’t expect Bill Pullman to die so early in the movie. The director uses this technique because it keeps the audience wanting to watch on.

When Yokho enters the house she talks to Emma and in ...

... middle of paper ... because the audience want to know where the phone has gone. They trace the sounds to the where they discover the corpses of Matthew and his wife.

They also make the grisly discovery of a human jaw and wonder to whom it belongs and where the rest of the body might be. When they find the jaw the audience gets into the movie much more and want to see what is going to happen next in the movie or will there be a part 2. This is an effective technique because it makes the audience wanting to carry on watching the movie.

The grudge is by no means an excellent film, but it’s an incredibly effective and stylishly horrifying. Storytelling maybe isn’t this film’s strongest point, but I also don’t think whoever made this film was trying to make a masterpiece of modern storytelling either- the purpose of ‘The Grudge’ is to scare, and at that it most definitely succeeds.
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