The Growing Problem of Terrorism and Terrorists

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Individuals often establish belief systems in regard to attitudes, behaviors, religions, and other areas based on beliefs and practices that they accepted during the early stages of maturation when many of their interactions were influenced by their families, who both supported and practiced the same traditions. In America the customary stance toward these varied opinions is to view them with tolerance, regardless of how strange or wrong the belief or action might seem. While individually people may disagree with the beliefs of other people, under ordinary circumstances, most Americans would either offer friendly advice or completely ignore situations that would not lead to dangerous or deadly outcomes. However, it seems to me that some people within practically all groups, regardless of their designations, sometimes decide to carry their belief systems to the extreme. Extremists move into the category of fanatics or radicals who seek to establish their belief systems as the only means for achieving a desired outcome. When people become fanatics, they believe that their ideals are the only acceptable way to live. Some will seek to destroy others who do not believe or act as they do. At that point, extremists become terrorists because they try to force others to accept their practices in such areas as social behaviors, politics, and religion. Terrorists frequently want everyone to practice the same social behaviors. Dressing in a particular style, eating specific foods...

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