The Growing Problem of Teenage Violence in Schools Today

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The Growing Problem of Teenage Violence in Schools Today

There is a growing problem with teenage violence today in school. The problem is teenagers are getting more and more violent. Many of them resort to violence as a way to deal with anger and stress. Most of teenage violence starts with the so called thugs who think they rule the school. Not just the thugs but anybody in general who thinks they can beat up on people and act all tough and push everyone around. Another source of this violence is the outcasts or nerds that the bullies pick on because they’re different, but the worst type of violence is racism, like Nazis who hate people because of there race, religion, or there sexual preference. This violence may be coming from how they were raised because of there parents, due to there racism, or abuse. Simply put, something needs to be done to eliminate and reduce this violence and return a safe environment in schools.

A result of this is increased violence is that many students are frightened while in school. Why should somebody be afraid to walk the halls of school because they are Jewish, or even gay, or both? If there is a student who is extremely violent, it affects the whole school. I’m talking about the people who will pull out a gun on you if you say something about his mother, you know, those so called thugs. Seriously, if someone dies, it affects the whole school. Like Chris Rock Says, “If you are at a movie theater and someone steps on your foot, let is slide, why spend the next 15 years in prison because somebody smudged your puma” (Chris Rock No Sex in the Champaign Room). In other words, don’t fight over reasons that can be settled in a game of twister.

There are many causes of teenage violence, but I think it comes from their friends or family. For instance, if someone’s father, is a Nazi, and his dad was in the Ku Klux Klan, the student is of course going to inherit a hatred for Jews, and queers, like in the movie Porkys, where that one guy lost a fight with a Jew and then got beat up by his Dad, because he lost the fight. Therefore, parents are a big source of teenage violence. The biggest problem I believe is friends. Friends have a greater impact on the lives of teenagers than anybody. People aren’t born violent. Nazi’s for instance, if you grow up with a friend who turns Nazi because of there parents or something, ...

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...east 30% of every class should be consisted of non-white people. So the basis of stopping violence of hate is to stop the racism. I was watching MTV, and they were saying a story about how this guy died because of the fact that he was gay. That was kind of sad that someone died for doing nothing to anybody. It’s one thing not to like gay people, its another thing to start a fight with one of them for no reason at all. Those people are called bigots, and there usually drunk, so alcohol is not the answer to this problem, weed is.

Overall, parents, siblings, role models, television, bullies, Nazism, and the stress of growing up in today’s society may cause violence. So violence is a big part of school today. Is it really ever going to stop or get better? I believe that no matter what we make better, something else is going to get worse. All this violence may effect the high suicidal teens there are today. I know at least 10 girls who tried to kill themselves or are bulimic. All the guys I know are ok though. In conclusion violence is to big of a problem to stop, so be considered a loser, and a nark and call the cops if someone harasses you, it’s the only way to stop this.
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