The Grim Sleeper Case

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As the world gets older, our technology gets stronger. When it comes to criminal cases such as homicides, the blooming of technology can be ever in the investigators favor. With the Grim Sleeper case in Los Angeles, DNA technology became a wonderful tool for the investigators. In the United States, the first appellate court decision to admit DNA evidence was made in Florida in 1998, in subsequent years DNA evidence gradually became a regular feature of criminal cases (Lewis 2010.) Having the technology we have today, we can connect recent cases with cold cases. A break in technology for this case was the outstanding familial DNA testing. This happened when the “Grim Sleeper” returned. With the one lone survivor in 1988, came along a bullet for comparison, with use of ballistics. Ballistics helps match bullets and firearms. Ballistics had matched the bullet they had pulled from the survivor to the ones taken from previous victims. They matched several bullets to the previous crimes in the mid 1980’s. Also the LAPD had handed out thousands of flyers with the information of the murder...

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