The Greeks' Fears in The Odyssey by Homer

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In The Odyssey the ancient Greeks had a sense of explorations, independence and love life. They were skillful and wise men and women. They are depicted as courageous and adventurous heroes and warriors. Under all those beautiful characteristic illustrated in The Odyssey, under that shell that it portrayed, the ancient Greeks had many fears. They feared the sea, Cyclops, scared of scandals, death and people with different cultures. Ancient Greeks had all these fear because it turns out that they fear everything that could take their life. Life is a big deal for ancient Greeks, they love and appreciate their life and would do anything to protect it. Even though everything that could cause death was terrifying for the ancient Greeks, the scariest thing was the meddlesome of the gods.

The Greeks had many fears. The fear that seems perplexed is of the sea. One might think because they are geographically surrounded by sea they would have learned how to cope and master skills of the sea. They did not; it is proven in the odyssey that ancient Greeks feared the ocean. They feared the violence that the ocean can bring upon them. They thought ocean was an endless trap to death. Laodamas the son of king Phoenicia explained that there is “Nothing worse than the sea, I always say, to crush a man, the strongest man alive.” (Odyssey. P. 195). He could have seen what the sea had done to Odysseus. Odysseus, the greatest hero in the odyssey, was beaten and sabotage by the ocean. If the sea had done that to him, it might have killed and ordinary person in Odysseus position. The ancient Greeks recognize the destruction the ocean can bring upon them. That is the reason the sea was considered to be one of the most frightening things. The reason the...

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...jor problem to ancient Greek because the Poseidon controls the sea it can cause destruction and death.

In conclusion, the Greeks had many fear, but they had more fear for the gods. The Greeks feared the sea for it ability of taking life. And life turns out to be one of the greatest possessions for the Greeks. Ancient Greeks feared the Gods because they also had the ability to take life away. The gods were frightening powerful immortals that were inconsiderate toward the puny little Greeks. For example, Poseidon a reckless god, he ravaged Odysseus and caused him to wander off at sea. He took no pity on him; he just wanted to torture him for not sacrificing in his name. Calypso as beautiful and charming as she was, her obsession caused her to be a meddlesome goddess. Athena as clever she was in helping Odysseus to find his way home, she was also a meddlesome God.

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