The Greek, Roman, and U.S Governments

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Ancient Roman Banquet

I will have a public banquet.The public banquet was common for celebrations like Christmas and Easter but, I’m going to have one on October 9th. The feast is going to be held in my friend John’s banquet room . I will have food of all types like fish, vegetables , cheese and bread. I will have appetizers, a main course, and dessert.

The servers will be servants. The servants will be paid a reasonable amount. They will carry the expensive silverware and the fragile plates. The silverware is made of high quality silver. Everything will be silver including the plates, cups, spoons, and the less common forks and knifes.

The guests of my banquet will be friends and family. I will have the guests sitting around a big table. Everyone will eat and then I will make a toast. It’s called toasting because everyone drunk from a communal wine bowl. To give it taste there would be a piece of spiced toast at the bottom.

I will entertain the guests by paying a musician to play the flute. I could also have fights, animals like lions and tigers, mimes, dancing chefs, and handsome waiters, but I’ll just go with the flute player. I will make the guests’ night memorable. I will have to spend a lot of money to see the pure enjoyment on the guests’ face. This will be a very big night.

The Greek, Roman, and U.S Governments

In the Roman government, there was two consuls. One of the consuls were in charge of the economy while the other was in charge of the military. If there was an emergency, the consuls would appoint a dictator. The consuls were voted into office by the Senate. The Senate was made up of Patricians. They also had tribunes. The tribunes would help ensure the rights of the Plebeians. Only men who were citizens could vote.

In Ancient Greek the city states were independent. There were three types of government in Ancient Greece. In some city states there was a king. The king would be in charge of everything. In other city states there was an oligarchy.

An oligarchy is when a group of people control the government. Finally there was the democracy. A democracy lets people elect their leader by voting. Athens was the only city state that had a democracy. Only citizens of Athens were allowed to vote.
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