The Greek Of Greek Life And The Greeks ' Colonization Of The Mediterranean And Black Seas

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A polis is “A city-state, as the central institution in Greek life and the Greeks’ colonization of the Mediterranean and Black seas (Spielvogel 60). Before the emergence of the poleis, there was a dark age in Greece. A time where “Greece entered a difficult period in which population declined and food production dropped” (Spielvogel 60). Trade was not a frequent sight, and farming became a main source of economy. An organized type of government was not present during the dark age. Due to a lack of government, I believe that is why the polis became very successful throughout Greece. The emergence of the polis gave Greece a sense of unity. An organized form of government led to a greater military. Men in the military were simply cavalry units – men on horseback. After the end of the 8th century, the poleis improved their militaries, and turned cavalry units into hoplites. Hoplites are “heavily armed infantry men who wore bronze or leather helmets, breastplates, and greaves” (Spielvogel 60). The Greeks began to expand overseas and create civilization in many areas. Expansion reduced the “Poverty and land hunger created by the growing gulf between rich and poor, overpopulation, and the development of trade were all factors that led to the establishment of colonies” (Spielvogel 60). Success and achievements created by the polies led to the Classical Greece period. The Classical Greece period was a “period of brilliant achievement, much of it associated with the flowering of democracy in Athens under the leadership of Pericles. Many of the lasting contributions of the Greeks occurred during this period” (Spielvogel 68). The Sparta polis and Athens polis were two of the most successful poleis througho... ... middle of paper ... ...rned into men that served for Sparta. These men could marry, however did not live at home till the age of thirty. Even once living at home, these men did not stop serving for Spartan military till they were sixty. If a soldier were to die, mothers would dwell, however have pride that their son died fighting for Sparta. A respect and honor that is similar to what our country today shows for those who serve or have served. The Sparta government was a form of oligarchy. Two kings ruled, along with twenty-eights citizens to serve in a council of elders. This oligarchy appeared to be accepted amongst their people. This oligarchy balanced the power of Sparta, which minimized the chances of being taken over as seen in Athens. As strict and unmoral some of us may view Sparta to be, the Spartan polis appears to be the most successful polis between Sparta and Athens.

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