The Greatest Scholars Of Every Generation

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Love From the beginning of time to the present day, the definition of love is debated and discussed by the greatest scholars of every generation. Created with shaping the world as we know it, love is well known to have given the human race unknown joy alongside indescribable death and destruction across the geographical landscape. As I further researched the meaning, I came to realize that isolating love into a small realm is nearly impossible for even the most intelligent of authors. Religious zealots, wives, children, sports teams, and historical figures all experience love in a different magnitude. According to Merriam Webster’s dictionary, “Love is defined as feeling great affection, pleasure, or desire for a person or object.” By exploring the history and styles of this feeling and the results it brought forth, I can firmly state that this small four letter word is expressed in countless ways. From the earliest of days, religion’s meaning of love has been defined by the relationship of people with their gods in unique and passionate ways. Commonplace teachings in the Protestant religion display the sacrifices of God in love to ensure there is an afterlife for the human race. Though peaceful in nature, this loving teaching led to great wars, such as the Crusades to Jerusalem, among the different races and religions throughout history in Europe and Asia. Religious zealots often conducted different wars of love on their own population. In an effort to cleanse the sins of the wicked, tactics of torture and embarrassment such as public beatings, stoning, and shamed walks in the nude down city streets were just a few of the many undertakings of these extremists. Closer to the present day, we still find fanatical people... ... middle of paper ... and debate over the full definition of love. No matter the opinion of the meaning, its importance on humanity has left little doubt that it will continue to shape the multiple generations in the future. From its foundation in religion and family, love will continue to create or destroy the foundation of our civilizations. Through its passions found only in those items such as sporting events, will our people continue to realize their full potential to invest their emotions in valuable manner. Finally, only through love for one another will the races across the planet discover the method to exist in a way that allows for peace and success to be available for my children and their children. In short, the definition of love is something I have found to encompass many avenues but simply explained I believe without it, an individual’s life is defined as empty.
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