The Greatest Playwight in History

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“O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?” ( Act II: Sc.2, line 135) One should had came across this popular expression from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet many times during one’s lifetime. Influenced by the famous play, this expression, used often as mockery, described a person deep in desperate love. Romeo and Juliet was a heart-breaking play about the two star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet, and their fight to break the boundaries set between them. Through his powerful usage of the English language in Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare was able to bring tears, laughter, and anger to his audience by portraying the story of the human struggle against the forces of fate, emotion, and misfortune. Much of Shakespeare’s influence on his audience came from his expertise on literary devices, on appealing to both the educated classes and the ordinary classes, and on knowing the human emotions and pursuits with great knowledge. Therefore, Shakespeare was successful as a dramatist from his time and on forever.

First, Shakespeare was the master of the literary devices. In Romeo and Juliet, the three main literary devices most commonly used were imageries, metaphors, and foreshadows. Imagery in this play was used to appeal to the audience’s senses. During Shakespeare’s time, plays were generally set at broad daylight with few costumes and props. Shakespeare relied heavily upon the power of the English language in order for the audience to conjure up the settings in their minds. To assist his audience, Shakespeare carefully described the unfolding scene while providing “hints” to the time and the weather. “What envious streaks do lace the severing clouds in yonder east.” (Act III: Sc. 5, lines 7-8) This quotation beautifully describ...

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...ience’s emotions, while portraying the consequences for the characters’ actions.

Thus, Shakespeare was an excellent dramatist and poet. Because of his play Romeo and Juliet, the English language became more vibrant and vivid through his exceptional usage of literary devices. Not only that, but also Shakespeare had managed to merge the two opposite classes of the Elizabethan era into one single family, where all would understand and appreciate the true masterpiece of Romeo and Juliet. Lastly, due to Shakespeare’s great insight upon human psychology, his characters seemed to exist in reality and were passing their legacy through the power of storytelling. For these reasons, Shakespeare was truly the “Bard” of the English language, for he had accomplished the impossible to become the greatest playwright in history.
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