The Greatest Book of 1954: Lord of the Flies

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Greatest book of 1954

William Golding, one of many great authors in England. William Golding wrote lord of the flies in !954. Golding had one great life from the time he was born till the time he died. He went from college, to acting, to teaching, to military, and back to teaching. Golding wrote in his books about the things going on in the world, like the holocaust and World War II.

William Golding was born in St Columb Minor England in 1911 to the parents of Alec and Mildred Golding. His father Alek was a school master at Marlborough grammar school, Mildred his mother was an activist for women’s suffrage. William was educated at Marlborough grammar school, then in 1930 he went to Brasenose College in oxford and studied science for two years, later William changed majors and began studying English literature and philosophy. By 1934 he published his first collection of poetry.1935 Golding received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Brasenose college, and that’s when he began acting and writing for a small company in England. 1939 he married Ann Brookfield and then began teaching in Salisbury. In 1940 he joined the Royal Navy, and spent five years afloat, except for seven months in New York and six months helping Lord Cherwell at the Naval Research. Golding saw many things such as the sinking of Bismarck and the D-day invasion (witched changed his view of the world and of human nature.) (Lovelady)

Golding then knew that everyone had evil in them. He finished as a Lieutenant in command of a rocket ship. After the war he returned to teaching, and started to write. By 1961 he retired and put all of his time into writing. Lord of the Flies, was his first novel, it published in 1954 after being rejected 21 times.1993 Golding ...

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This research paper is the most favorite one I have ever done. When you gave me this project I hated it and didn’t want to do it. I waited till last minute to do this I wish I wouldn’t have but I did. I learned so much about this author and I had a good time learning about him. This paper was fun to do but I still hate the fact that we had to do it. The hardest part of this paper was the major work and what to write in it and I still don’t know what to write in it.
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