The Greatest Athenian Hero, Theseus

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Before Theseus is born, his father, King Aegeus, puts a sword and a pair of sandals under a boulder that Theseus has to lift and retrieve when he is older and strong. When Theseus comes of age, he lifts the boulder and, then, goes to his father to claim himself as the king’s son. After meeting his father, Theseus decides he has to prove to himself that he is worthy of being the heir of the throne (Hamilton 209). A true hero is someone who courageously and humbly takes on an adventure to help his community despite the dangers, trusts others and himself, and thinks before going forward with a plan. Because Theseus is strong, noble, humble, and intelligent, he can be considered a true hero. Theseus shows true heroism when he courageously offers to save his town, trusts others and his strengths, and remains humble throughout his life.
Theseus shows courage when he offers to go to the Minotaur’s cave which makes him a true hero. When the Athenians ask for youths to go to the cave of the Minotaur, Theseus immediately volunteers, and the Athenians admire his nobility and courage for this act (Hamilton 212). Theseus knows for a fact that the Minotaur has killed many people in the past, and there is a large possibility that it could slaughter him too. Since Theseus is courageous, he still continues to offer to go to the Minotaur’s cave. The Athenians “loved him for his goodness and admired him for his nobility …” (212). Being noble can also lead to being prideful. Having pride can be bad at times, but without pride, Theseus could not have volunteered his life. When Theseus arrives at the cave, “he walked boldly into the maze looking for the Minotaur” (212). Bold is another word for courageous. Theseus walks courageously to the chance of ...

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... and showing the people around him how to be humble is the greatest characteristic in a true hero who happens to be Theseus.
Because Theseus is courageous, trusts others and his own ability, and is humble during his hunt for the Minotaur and for the rest of his lift, Theseus displays the traits of a true hero. His courageousness when he volunteers to be a victim of the Minotaur shows a quality of a hero, so he can be an inspiration and an example to others. Because he has faith in the people around him and in his own self, he is a genuine person who people can look up to. Humble is the hardest trait in a person, but it is one the easiest traits to see in someone else. After killing the Minotaur, Theseus remains humble. This leads Theseus to being a great leader for the town, Athens. A great hero has to be a great leader.

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