The Great Works Of Art

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Rich people need to be an option Imagine you have been walking for hours and experienced tiredness. You took a break and kept walking. While waiting to reach your destination, you come across something that’s really interesting that has been drawn against a wall. To see what it is, you accelerated your speed and looked at it. Until you remain comprehensible about the object. Art is something people understand evenly. Like Tolstoy mentioned in his book called What is art “great works of art are only great because they are accessible and comprehensible to everyone” (M. Austin, 267,2015). Art that’s supported by the government is not comprehensible and accessible to everyone. The reason behind this is because the upper class has the bigger hand and the resources to understand something that lower class couldn’t understand. The government is not willing to teach and prepare those who are willing to understand art. Although, Tolstoy mentioned that art is a different subject that needs time to understand it and prepare yourself step by step, by not skipping any stages. However, art subsidized by the government is prepared well and created very thoughtfulness that the lower class have no indication of understanding. Still, the best work of art is something that majority of people can understand without any barriers. Yet, the government never made it possible for the majority of people to understand but support the upper class to have special loopholes to comprehensible a skill of art whether it’s a dance, painting or even a sculpture. Contrariwise, when the government pays for art materials such as dance and sculptures, it generates jobs for unemployed individuals. Whether it’s performing a dance or working as a waiter, att the end o... ... middle of paper ... ...t a sport, neither it’s something that majority of people have a great understanding for what art is about. However, to deduct their taxes, rich people spend a lot of money in arts and other private museums. Moreover, rich people have the idea that arts is the only thing that’s left from our ancestors. That’s why they spend a good deal of money supporting and making it very private. To be honest, if you ever attended an art exposition or gallery you will encounter that the audience is rich and their best interest is art. To thumb up, in art we need trainers and coaches to spread the beauty of art. If rich people have everything and making it private to them-self, then nothing would be left behind to those who have the interest to learn and shape their skills and abilities. In order, to take that idea down, we need some comprehensible art materials with no loopholes.

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