The Great Wall of China

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598 words

The Great Wall of China is an assemblage of smaller walls built by various dynasties over many years. Builders erected these walls for protection from invasions by those from the north. The Great Wall itself, with a history lasting over 2000 years, measures approximately 5,500 miles in length, although some of the sections lie in ruin or have disappeared altogether. It is about 25 feet high and is 15-30 feet wide. It is the longest man-made structure in the world.

In the 7th century B.C. the first of the smaller walls were constructed. Few of these remain today, but they were the starting point of what became the Great Wall of China. The first emperor to have the various lengths of walls joined together was Qin Shi Huang, whose dynasty ran from 221-206 B.C. He is well-known for his Terracotta Army. From 206 B.C-1368 A.D. the Great Wall was extended and rebuilt in order to keep invaders from crossing the northern borders. During the Ming Dynasty, which ran from 1368-1644 the wall reached its greatest length. In the final Chinese dynasty, the Qing Dynasty, which ran from 1644-1911, Ma...

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the great wall of china is an assemblage of smaller walls built by various dynasties over many years.
  • Describes the construction of the great wall of china in the 7th century b.c.
  • Explains that the ming dynasty was the longest graveyard on earth because approximately one million people died during its construction. the chinese invented the wheelbarrow.
  • Explains that bandaling is the most popular section of the great wall of china. it is close to beijing and easy to access and climb.
  • Explains that the nan pass, at the southern part of the juyongguan section, is for those who wish to explore without tourists surrounding them.
  • Describes the mutianyu section of the great wall, which is 45 miles from beijing. it is known for its large number of watchtowers.
  • Explains that the shanhaiguan pass section of the great wall gives visitors a chance to understand the military power of ancient china.
  • Explains that the chinese had several methods of defending their wall. some sections of the great wall were surrounded by deep ditches or moats filled with water.
  • Explains that president nixon visited the wall in the 1970s, and during the 2008 olympics, one of the best-preserved sections near beijing was used as the finishing point for a cycling course. thanks to the easing of travel restrictions, the world is now able to appreciate the great wall of china.
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