The Great Pyramids In Egypt: My Trip To Egypt

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The inspiration to go visit Egypt, our homeland, struck my father early one summer morning in 2013 as he was having his morning coffee. I smiled back at his suggestion over my bowl of cereal, and so my father began his planning. It was decided that we would go visit Egypt during Christmas break. My whole family was very excited to go, as it was the first time we would travel together outside of Canada as a family. My parents had previously suggested visiting places such as Florida, California, and even Paris, but nothing made me happier than the thought of traveling to our homeland, Egypt. My family was deep-rooted in Egypt; my mother and father were both born and raised there. My family had visited Egypt before, back in 2005, but we hadn’t…show more content…
I had always dreamed of the day I would get to see this great wonder. Despite being the most famous pyramids, Giza was just one of over 138 pyramid locations. However, there is a reason they are called the “Great” Pyramids of Giza; they stand at more than four hundred feet tall, taking over twenty years to build. The Great Pyramids of Giza have a nick name to the locals; they call it the “Great Tourism Trap” because it attracted people from all over the world for thousands of years- It mostly definitely, attracted me. There were no words to describe the feeling of standing right in front of the pyramids and the sphinx. Being able to touch and feel the sphinx was a lifelong dream of mine and that day I finally achieved it. Ironically enough, on our way home we decided to go to the Burger King that was right beside the pyramids to eat dinner, but the food was a lot better than the food from the Burger Kings back in Canada. That night we were all so exhausted from touring the pyramids so we called it an early night and simply went to…show more content…
From the eleven hour plane ride that I luckily managed to sleep through, to the eleven hour plane ride back into Canada, it felt like I had simply blinked and the whole thing happened in my mind. However, armed with a heavy suitcase filled with souvenirs, a ton of family photos, to be placed next to old ones from our last trip to Egypt, I knew I had the best family vacation. I had spent time with my relatives, who had grown and changed so much since our last visit nearly a decade ago. Catching up on the events of their lives and spending time with them touring the major city locations will always be in my memories. Visiting all the ancient historical sites in my homeland helped me to reconnect with my cultural roots, inspiring me to relearn Arabic, my parent’s native language. The trip’s inspiration may have come about rather spontaneously, but my father’s perfect execution and planning skills led to a smooth sailing trip, maximizing on our time revisiting our roots back in our homeland of
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