The Great Gun Control Debate

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Since its creation the firearm has served as man’s best means of self preservation, has helped in the expansion of frontiers, and has served to help many, including Americans, to secure and enforce their rights and maintain democracy. Even today our military uses firepower to prevent the spread of tyranny throughout the world. We refer to our troops as “armed forces” and the necessity of maintaining our firepower has been recognized throughout the human history, which the firearm has helped to shape. The founding fathers of this nation recognized the necessity of arming the average citizen to protect the rights so dearly purchased through armed revolution, and it was these men, all veterans of that revolution, that made it part of our constitution that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

The right to bear arms was granted to the American people by the drafters of the constitution who understood first hand the effects of a tyrannical government, and included that right in the constitution before many other rights such as the right to trial by jury and the prohibitions against illegal search and arrest. Since then, however, the issue of gun ownership has been one of the most controversial issues in this country and there are currently over 35,000 laws on the books in this nation which attempt to control a right that the constitution says “shall not be infringed,” and many of these laws include total gun bans in many American cities.

And so the debate continues with the central question being exactly what rights do Americans have with regard to the ability to protect themselves and their property? And how far can the government go to violate these rights?

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... ownership are, you will no doubt find yourself being asked to decide your position one day. And deciding such issues is an important part of the political process in this nation. Therefore, my advice is to consider all options and not ‘go along’ with the crowd. Remember, you are the future of our country and the protector of the civil rights of its citizens!

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