The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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I. Introduction Paragraph
a. Hook – Imagine living in the 1920’s where everything was different than from today.
b. Background – The 1920’s were a time of gender roles, money, love, and the American Dream. During this time, men were the dominant male out at work, and women were in the background doing work at home. People who had money were considered high class and they were living the “American Dream”. There were many married couples with kids who were living the American Dream. Men and Women loved each other, and most couples were married instead of divorced. The 1920’s were so much different than today.
c. Author and Title – Francis Scott Fitzgerald uses figurative language to help understand the characters, and their challenged relationships in The Great Gatsby.
d. Brief Description – In the 1920’s money was everything. Even though most of the characters had money in the novel, they were lacking something else, something more than money. Money does not buy happiness, but the characters cannot seem to understand that. Jay Gatsby had everything he ever wanted to have, except for the only thing he could not have. Gatsby was living the American Dream, but he was lacking a relationship with the woman he loved. His love for Daisy Buchanan eventually leaves him to die. This novel is a suspenseful romance that ends in tragedy.
e. Thesis – In the novel The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald shows gender roles, love, and money played in the 1920’s, while everyone is trying to live the American Dream.
II. Body Paragraph 1
a. Topic – The American dream in the 1920’s was to achieve success in life by having money and a family.
b. Introduction – In The Great Gatsby, the character that represents the American Dream is Jay Gatsby. Gat...

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...t make one completely satisfied in life. Also, everyone wants to be able to live the American Dream, but not everyone gets the opportunity to live like that. The final meaning of Fitzgerald’s themes is gender roles. Gender roles are important because, they have changed so much since the 1920’s. In the 1920’s, the men were the most powerful gender in all relationships. Now, women are beginning to take charge, and obtain higher positions in jobs.
d. Importance – Fitzgerald teaches readers that money cannot buy happiness, and that the American Dream is just that, a dream in which most people do not get to experience.

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