The Great Gatsby Women Essay

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Women are seen from a biased point of view in pop culture as they are often criticized and portrayed in degrading ways. The Great Gatsby takes place in the early part of the 20th century which is also known as the Roaring 20's. In regards to feminism, the women in The Great Gatsby are mainly depicted as second class to men. The story gives readers an insight of the roles that gender played in past World War I America. In The Great Gatsby, the author Scott Fitzgerald shines a light on the submissiveness of females toward males during the Roaring Twenties by giving the women in the novel an unfair representation as they are often identified as passive or negative “objects”.
When the leading female in the role, Daisy Buchanan, learns that the child she is giving birth to is a girl she says “I’m glad it’s a girl. And I hope she’ll be a fool . . . the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool” (Fitzgerald 21). This shows how Daisy has given up at this point in her life and realizes that women will never amount to anything and that they have no role in society other than becoming someone's wife and or mother. Daisy Buchanan is fully aware of the role that women play during this time. She, unlike most women, knows of her own marginalization and admits that females are powerless and unimportant as they are living in a male-dominated society. The author's presentation of women is essentially very unsympathetic and unflattering. Daisy is also a character who is struggling with being in love with a man other than her husband, but knows that she cannot go out and have an affair. A literary critic Lihua Zhang states how The Great Gatsby is a, “Disillusion of American Dream . . . the way of dealing with true love and lo...

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...nequality between men and women, rather than reinforcing it. The feminist movement was created to ensure that men do not think that they are in any way more superior or better to women. It is very important for readers to realize that men should not consider women to be inferior to them, but rather treat them equally. The Great Gatsby shows how men during this time period did not believe that women can be independent and knowledgeable. One should value the intelligence in a woman rather than dismissing it due to their gender. The novel redirects the readers to see the terrible treatment of women during the early twenties, and allows them to focus on treating women fairly rather than objects. By reading the story readers should not be careless and biased, but instead see the mistreatment of women and try to play a part in reinforcing equality between men and women.
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