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Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald is one of the prominent American writers, who entered the history of world literature thanks to his wonderful novels about American life in the 1920s. Fitzgerald brought to literature, not only his talent but also gave many people a part of himself through his art. He teaches the readers the mistakes of his life, mistakes of his generation, and they carefully heed this lesson. With his works, we can evaluate an entire generation, and through his talent of storytelling we live together with the characters of each story or novel. The main theme of his works is the concept of the American Dream and the American life that fully reflected in his popular novel The Great Gatsby. The American Dream could not but became …show more content…

He was born in the Midwest in a family of respected parents, graduated from prestigious university, was a member of World War I. In the postwar period he comes to New York to study banking, to “enter a closed social system, to penetrate the world of old money.” (Little, 12) Although, in his heart he still keeps the dream of becoming a writer. He is the narrator in the novel and tells the reader about the adventures, where he took part. Everything started when Nick rented an abandoned house in West Egg – the suburbs of New York City, where were the houses of the richest people in NY. The protagonist of the story is Nick’s neighbor, who soon becomes his closest friend. He is the owner of a large mansion with towers and a marble swimming pool, expensive cars and a huge park with flowers and sculptures and an enormous library. He is a mystery, eccentric, but lonely and, at first, a suspicious young man named Jay Gatsby – the “Great Gatsby”. Nick Carraway is an embodiment of Fitzgerald’s true thoughts and ideas of the real American life. That is because Nick is an educated and open-minded man, thoughtful and ironic, tolerant to the others and is welcomed in the artificial world of rich and wealthy that “was redolent of orchids and pleasant, cheerful snobbery.” (Fitzgerald, …show more content…

Jay Gatsby, at the beginning of the novel, appears to be a mysterious person. He lives in one of the most luxurious mansion in West Egg. Jay is incredibly rich and almost every day accepts hundreds of guests that visit his parties. But neither guests of mysterious Gatsby nor neighbors know the real purpose of such a generous, the sources of such Jay’s capital. Frankly speaking, it obviously does not bother anyone. These people are attracted with the rumors that circle around the figure of J. Gatsby. The mysterious behavior of Gatsby only strengthens, when Nick Carraway, together with the reader learns that Gatsby buys this house with a certain aim. He wants to settle down near the woman he loves all his life – Daisy Buchanan, hoping and waiting for her visit. And finally, the author introduces the reader with the life story of the

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