The Great Gatsby: Feedback Analysis

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426 words

In any writing assignment feedback is extremely important, whether the feedback is painful or helpful. I have experienced a pleasurable feedback from my English teacher. She assigned us to read The Great Gatsby and after we were done, to write an essay about the three women in the book. I had no problem with writing the essay since it was a pretty interesting book and I had a lot of stuff to talk about. I did an outline on what I was going to write for the three women, I made up a breathtaking title, I researched all three women, took down good information, and started working on my essay. My teacher took 2 weeks to grade our essays, the longer she took, the more I kept thinking it was going to be a bad grade. As she was handing back our essays by alphabetical order (keep in mind my last name is Villarreal, therefore I’m last), I kept looking at my friends essays and their whole paper …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Describes how they experienced a pleasurable feedback from their english teacher after reading the great gatsby and writing an essay about the three women in the book.
  • Opines that feedback from teachers and students is their favorite part of the lesson. they dislike receiving effortless feedback, but detailed feedback is helpful and helps them improve.

Feedback helps me know what I’m doing wrong, what I need to fix, how my essay is going, and if they like it. In the past I have gotten useless feedback and it leaves me wondering if my essay was good or if they’re just saying it so that they won’t hurt my feelings. I dislike receiving feedback that seems so effortless, I like my feedbacks very detailed. Getting feedbacks that aren’t so detailed doesn’t help anyone, it only gets me worse and I’m not trying to get worse I’m trying to get better at writing. Feedbacks that are very detailed, whether it is disagreeing or agreeing is very helpful and lets me know what I need to improve on. After reading the workshop I have put the tips into consideration. I, myself, become lazy at times and won’t say very much, then there’s times where I do take my time to tell you my opinion. Now that I have a list of things to help me provide better feedback I will use them all so that my peers and I can improve in our

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