The Great Gatsby By F. Scott

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The electricity, which surges through the glowing lights of New York City, serves as the primary power source of emotion, inspiration and motivation, for each of the beloved characters in F. Scott Fitzerald 's classic novel, The Great Gatsby. It 's within the city 's walls, where all the characters are united in their times of darkness, yet tension also arises in the novel, as each of the characters uses the city to escape from reality and fulfill his or hers deepest desires. As a result of the city’s power our narrator, Nick Caraway finds himself lost in the drama of others and ultimately ends up alone struggling to find his own place in the world. At the beginning of the novel it 's revealed, that Nick Carraway has moved to Long Island, for his new job as a bondsmen in New York City. Establishing early on, that the city provides Nick with power through wealth. However, Nick’s wealth compared to the others is rather small. Thus, forcing Nick to take the passenger seat both literally and figuratively in his own life. For example, Nick literally sits in the passenger seat as G...

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