The Great Gatsby

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Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald, author of The Great Gatsby, was born on September

24, 1896. He later became one of the world known authors by having his books

translated to different languages and printed.. He was often described as the drunken

author, or the ruined novelists at the time. Yet, his books attract attention of people who

have read his books that he has written. Fitzgerald used the American Dream, past

relationships with love, and the people in his life, to create The Great Gatsby, that

became one of the best books written during the Jazz Age.

First of all, The Great Gatsby introduces more of the American Dream and hope

of wealth. For example, when Fitzgerald was a youngster, he fantasized that he was rich

and had a life of ease (Oxford 44). Fitzgerald’s dream for wealth and happiness was

something that meant a lot to people of that time. He sees it as the key to his future,

making life for him better. In addition, Fitzgerald’s omen was the loneliness of Gatsby

pursuing his impossible dream (Kazen K2). Gatsby was rich, but his life wasn’t

complete, he was missing something in his life. Soldiers of past wars enjoyed The Great

Gatsby because of Gatsby’s dream and will. All in all, Fitzgeralds use of the American

Dream was very successful.

Secondly, Fitzgerald used this experience with love to create emotion in his

books. For instance, Fitzgerald was determined to win the heart of a young lady named

Zelda (Oxford 46). He used this in The Great Gatsby to show the devotion of Gatsby’s

love for Daisy. By doing so Fitzgerald creates a romantic theme in the story. Later in

time, Fitzgerald found that Zelda was having an affair with another man (Oxford D7).

Once he found out, his life was not the same anymore. He became an alcoholic full with

problems in his life. I believe this is where Tom Buchannon’s relationship with Daisy

became a reality to him. To sum it up Fitzgerald felt love and pain and expressed it in his

works of literature.

Finally, Fitzgerald experienced influences throughout his life, which changed his

future. Particularly, Father Sigourney Fay was the one who gave advice and wisdom to

him (F. Scott Fitzgerald 679). Father Fay was someone who watched Scott and told him

what was right and what was wrong in life. His advice and help gave Fitzgerald the

sense to achieve high goals and dreams. In addition, he was successful as a novelist, but

was corrupted by his lifestyle (F. Scott Fitzgerald 683).

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