The Great Gatsby

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Have you ever done something to just fit in? Maybe you pretended to be smarter than you are, richer than you are or never reveal how you really feel about things because you are insecure and afraid. Some people act like something they aren’t because they want to try to make themselves look better than everyone else to fit in. Does being someone you really aren’t work out in the end? Fitzergerald drives home these points in many ways, including plot events and even by the different kind of characters throughout the story.

Daisy might seem like a nice, good girl, possibly because of the way she looks. But the reader ends up finding out that Daisy really doesn’t care about other people. She only cares about herself by making herself look good, as demonstrated on page 16, “Daisy took her face in her hands as if feeling its lovely shape, and her eyes moved gradually out into the velvet dusk.” Daisy knows she’s better then everyone else. Looks are not the only thing in which Daisy feels superior. Money becomes a major factor in the way Daisy feels about herself and others. On page 149 it says “she vanished into her rich house, into her rich, full life, leaving Gatsby-nothing,” -she left Gatsby because he forced her to make a choice. She realized Tom had more money and that she used to love Gatsby, but not anymore. All she wants is the money so she chose Tom so that instead of being define by society based on her personality, she will be judged only by her wealth- another mask.

Myrtle, on the other hand, is a little different. She is married, but she’s having an affair with Tom. She ends up falling in love with Tom and according to page 34 her marriage to George was for the wrong reason, even though it was love. She says, “The onl...

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...ike his true self, the one she had fallen in love with before everything, things would have worked out in the end.

In the end of the book, no one gets what they want. Daisy stays with Tom in the end because of his wealth and because the real Gatsby she fell in love with is no longer there- he is simply a poser now. Myrtle had no hope of marrying Gatsby because he did not love her and only used her for sex. She couldn’t appreciate what was real, like the love of George. Daisy spends the whole book worrying about outward appearances and how other people see her rather than worrying about who she really is. Gatsby is by far the most guilty of pretending. He lost the love of his life because he was worried about impressing her and her friends rather than just being himself. Fitzgerald definitely lets us know that being yourself is the best way to go.
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