The Great Explanation Of Man 's Inhumanity

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The “great explanation of man’s inhumanity to man’ is that we are not learning from our mistakes. Sumner gives us this example; “it is this disposition to decide off-hand that some people are not fit for liberty and self-government which gives relative truth to the doctrine that all men are equal” (Sumner, p. 5). Sumner continues on to point out the failures of the Constitution, “it has always stood in glaring contradiction to the facts about Indians and Negroes” (Sumner, p. 5). Inhumanity to other men is part of the constitution. The problem with the United States adopting the British system of colonialism is this is not what the Americans wanted. They wanted to be free from the British and their political control. The more that the colonists fought and gave away their freedoms, the more they were aligning with imperialism. In support of this Sumner retells that “in the history of England...she has steadily corrected abuses, amended her institutions, redressed grievances” (Sumner, p. 9) whereas America has only corrected a few of the errors the Framers made in their haste to rid themselves of the British. Sumner leads us from the mistakes that Americans are responsible for to the mistakes of the government. Sumner does not support a “protectionist” trade policy as it did not work in Spain. A “protectionist” trade policy is where trade is restrained between countries by taxation on imported goods and government policy allows fair competition between imports and domestic goods and services. Sumner states “They[colonies] will revolt against us for just the same reason for which they revolted against Spain” (Sumner, p. 8). As commerce is a way a country succeeds in growing, it only follows that trade between countries would occur. I... ... middle of paper ... crops. We have cooperated in the crushing of the nation’s only noncommunist revolutionary political force, the United Buddhist Church”, states Martin Luther King (King, p. 3). A true revolution of values consists of fairness and justice. This is something that America does not participate in. We are not fair in love or war. King attacks with this thought, “This business of burning human beings with napalm, of filling our nation’s homes with orphans and widows, of injecting poisonous drugs of hate into the veins of peoples normally humane, of sending men home from dark and bloody battlefields physically handicapped and psychologically deranged, cannot be reconciled with wisdom, justice, and love “ (King, p. 4). America continues to be involved in wars over land, it reminds the public that the military is under orders to fight whether we as a country want to or not.

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