The Great Divorce

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The beginning of the book The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis was difficult to understand and hard to figure out, but as you read on, you come to find out that this book is about heaven and hell and the people that go there. The narrator who is the main character in the book tells the story on what he sees from his eyes. The author describes hell as a dark cold town with alleys that people live in and no one to be seen on the streets, and heaven as this place that looks beautiful with green grass, mountains, rivers, and animals running around. C.S. Lewis uses different characters throughout the book to help understand the scene and the situations that are going on. The ghosts that go with him to heaven from hell are all different and play a big role in this novel. The other characters in the novel are the spirits who live in heaven and talk to the ghosts. Through the conversations going on between the ghosts and the spirits you learn more and more about what is going on, how characters got there, and their problems. The narrator listens to the two talk and from the conversation does he learn more about himself. I believe Lewis made this book so the reader can put themselves in the narrator's position and also think about their own lives and circumstances.

The ghost at first in the bus and in hell seemed to the narrator that they were a solid, but he soon came to find out that once they reached heaven he could see right through them. He figured it was the new surroundings they were in made them appear translucent. Each ghost has a different problem that either ends up being solved and turns to the mountains, or doesn't listen and turns back to the bus. Most cases in this book the ghost go back to the bus, which will take them back to hell. The ghosts do not like how heaven is and they feel uncomfortable. They feel uncomfortable because the grass is hard and tough on your feet, the river is solid, the flowers and trees are solid like a diamond and can not move, and even the leaves are too heavy to lift. Most of them do not understand why they are there. Heaven is a big change from hell and the ghost don't feel right at the moment so they want to head back where they felt at home and comfortable no matter if it was hell.
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