The Great Depression Essay

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Mia Sanoja English 11 H Stearns 30 January 2014 The Great Depression The Great Depression is known as the greatest time of recession in American history. Many factors contributed to this hard time. With the stock market boom in the 1920’s, our country was filled with optimism for the future. Although there were signs of problems to come former President Herbert Hoover was just as convinced as the nation that they were only going through a rough patch and would be back on their feet in no time. That was until the stock market crash of 1929, which marked the beginning of the Great Depression. The stock market crash led to bank and company failures. Many people became unemployed and had to leave their homes. Families also had to move away because of the drought that caused dust storms and ultimately the Dust Bowl. Soon enough, thousands were migrating to find jobs elsewhere. Eventually when former President Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected into office, he presented America with “The New Deal,” the plan that would save America and bring the nation up and out of the recession. The President in office at the start of the recession was Herbert Hoover. As the beginning signs of the recession started to show through, Hoover was very sure that the hardships would subside. Hoover told the nation that they had, “…passed the worst,” and as it was written by Stephen Feinstein, Hoover believed that, “The economy would sort itself out.” He was proved to be very wrong. Once President Hoover realized that the economy would only get worse, he began coming up with ideas to repair the nation. Hoover was afraid that the government would butcher his ideas, therefore, he presented the nation with less helpful solutions. The President’s solutions in... ... middle of paper ... ...eeper hole. The American’s lack of attention during the first crashes of the stock market continuously led to a greater and greater downfall of banks and companies. As a result, the unemployment rate sent thousands of people and families rushing to find jobs opportunities elsewhere. This led to abandonment for many families. The great drought caused even more hardships and also sent my farmers and families searching for jobs. To the nations rescue, President Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected and provided many alternative solutions for repairing of America. Roosevelt supplied hundreds of thousands with jobs. He also had acts passed that saved banks and found solutions to protecting American jobs. The beginning of World War II marked the ultimate end of the depression. Although this was the start of another great war, it was also the end of a terrible time in history.
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