The Great Depression: A Response To The Great Depression

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A Response to the Great Depression Are you prepared if we have to enter another Great Depression again? Many people take for granted the opportunities to walk into a store to purchase goods and services such as clothes, food, gas, laundry soap, shampoo, computers, phones, cars, etc… Opportunities to walk into a restaurant to dine in or order fast food any time we want. But what if all that came to a halt? Anything can push the United States of America into a Great Depression again. We are talking about a war, terror attack, and 11major climatic storm changes. How will you respond to a Great Depression if it hits? I will show you the last Great Depression and the effects it had on the United States of America, why, how, when it happened,…show more content…
Consumer spending was at an all time high. Many inventions were popping up such as the signal lights, rockets, growth in medicines. The unemployment rate was low and the United States was at Full Employment. The government was only spending what it took in tax revenues. Then all of a sudden 1929 comes along and there was a stock market crash that brought the U.S. economy down. Why did the stock market crash, you ask? The market fell by nearly 12 percent on Monday, October 29, 1929. Investors lost billions of dollars. The banking system was affected by this because of all that money that was no longer in the economy. Real GDP fell and so did consumer spending (Samuelson,…show more content…
People were panhandling asking for, and, borrowing money to keep afloat. People were starving and growing ill due to the lack of a clean place to live, food to eat, and water to drink. The Great Depression also affected my family. My grandfather lost his ranch, Emory Gap Ranch due to the Great Depression. No work and selling of his livestock on his ranch he was forced to foreclose. My grandfather had to try to sell everything he had to support himself, my grandmother, and 9 children. My ancestors as well as many other minorities were victims of hardship during these times. Employers were cutting wages of employed workers so that they could hire other people looking for employment to make money as

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