The Great Depression

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This paper is about the Great Depression and how President Hebert Hoover plan was unsuccessful in dealing with the depression. Also, how the Great Depression affected the women in the United States. In the 1930’s is when the Great Depression begun. The economy was at it all time low causing major problems in the United States. Hoover plan was to beat poverty; but, he caused more people become poverty-stricken. He became very unpopular amongst the people in the United States. Unsuccessfully, his plan did not work for the betterment of the American people.

The Great Depression Causes

The causes of the great the Great Depression were over expansion, speculation, bankruptcy and a pattern that has repeated itself through out the United States history. In a five time span Americans salary did not equal to their contributing. On the other hand, the Americans were squandering more than what they made financially. Because the America people were concise on cash and credit they stop investing money in the economy. Under those circumstances real estates became stagnant; additionally, working people were laid off due to less productive in the manufacturing plants (p.692).

Although the stocks rise 40 percent between 1928 and 1929 lenders succumbed to paroxysm behavior. As a resulting the stocks collapsed in billions of dollars crippling the economy. Besides, for ten years farmers had sold their goods for little of nothing making no profit. Agriculture workers sufficed for one-fourth of the nation; also, determinant to the subdue economy.

Industries such as the railroads and coals were facing hardship; yet, traffic magnified due to people driving their own vehicle and truck. The people did not rely on the train as much for travelling...

... middle of paper ... people. Presidents such as Herbert Hoover should have been placed in jail for his contradiction to the people. Hoover’s cabinet contained six millionaires. In other words Hoover was for the wealthy and not the middle-class Americans. In stead of improving the economy he made it worse. The working American paid taxes; therefore, they have a right to receive unemployment benefits.

So people had to suffer more lost due to Hoover not giving them unemployment paid. This man destroyed families and lives. People were homeless, hungry and violent. Next, the women could not find work and was hungry for food. They were fearful of the cold weather coming. Some women husband had abandon them. The women could not comfort each other because of the pain they all shared.

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