The Great Bob Marley

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If someone was asked to name the first famous reggae artist that came to mind, the majority of people would say one name, Bob Marley. Robert Nesta Marley, commonly known as Bob Marley, is undoubtedly the most famous reggae artist of all time. Additionally, he is responsible for bringing reggae to the masses, and he did this through his unique style, raspy voice, guitar playing and drumming. Bob Marley is known around the world for not only his music, but also his greater message of peace. Furthermore, Marley became a cultural icon, as he encouraged others to rebel against racism and violence in the world. Although Marley is known for spreading positive messages of peace, he might be more well known for his embrace of the use of herb or marijuana. Moreover, Marley was very outspoken for the uses of marijuana for its spiritual, healing, and meditative uses (History, 2014).

Additionally, Marley has won several awards for his music, some of his most renounced awards were the Rolling Stone Magazine award for band of the year in 1976, the 1978 Peace Medal of the Third World award from the United Nations, and Bob's song "One Love" was voted song of the millennia by BBC (Moskowitz, 2007). One of the most remarkable things about Bob Marley is that he was the first musician to arise from the third world and a come a global musical icon. Unfortunately Bob Marley lived a short life and died at the age of 36 from cancer (Moskowitz, 2007). Although Bob Marley died at a young age, he still accomplished a lot in his music career and was able to release many popular songs. Some of Bob Marley's most famous songs include: "Buffalo Soldier", "Three Little Birds", "No Woman, No Cry", and "Redemption Song". This paper will uncover the journey o...

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...e around him positively.” (History, 2014). The world would be a much better place if Bob Marley's messages were followed by everyone.


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