The Great Andrew Carnegie Born

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The beginning was very meager for young Andrew Carnegie born in a small town named Dunfermline in Scotland on November 25th 1835. His father was a hand loom weaver with an immense shroud of pride in his trade and his mother a seamstress who worked with local shoemakers. (Bio. A&E Television Networks) The family was able to survive comfortably for the early years of young Andrews’s life by working in the trades they were skilled in until industry spread to Dunfermline. Andrew’s morals and personality was developed early on in life. For instance Andrew’s belief in equality arose after being banned for an annual event in Dunfermline after his uncle’s political rants ruffled the feathers of some of the wealthier citizens. Life began to become rocky for the Carnegie family when a textile plant opened and started to draw profits away from his father. Soon after the family was stricken by pride when Will Carnegie refuses to go to work in the industry that destroyed his trade. Then came a decision that would shatter young Andrew, one evening his mother announced the Carnegie family would be moving to America. Heart Broken would have described young Andrew his love for Dunfermline was incredible. It was everything the young man knew and soon his family was to pack up and leave it all behind to begin again in the United States. Standing at the top one beautiful morning hundreds of people piling into a converted whaling vessel would have seen the sight of the young Andrew Carnegie having to be picked up by a sailor and carried aboard as he protests his family’s travel to the United States. (Bio. A&E Television Networks) The Carnegie’s choose the destination of Philadelphia were they had some family settled already. Soon after their arriv...

... middle of paper ... had one child a daughter that you guessed it they named after Andrews Mother, Margaret. The Carnegies lived in a Manhattan mansion and spent summers in Scotland, where they owned Skibo Castle, which set on over twenty thousand acres.

Carnegie died at age 83 on August 11, 1919, at Shadow brook which was his estate in Lenox, Massachusetts. He was buried at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in New York. Throughout his lifetime you could use many words to describe Carnegie. Maybe optimistic, or determined maybe in the middle years there a little greedy or unfair. As a whole what Carnegie did with his life was phenomenal he amassed a wealth from basically nothing, turned himself from a telegraph messenger into the richest man in the world and then slowly gave almost all of it back to the people so that another unfortunate youth might have the opportunity to do it all over again.

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