The Great Achievements Of The Han Dynasty

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The Han Dynasty was one of China’s first dynasties recorded in history. It lasted from 206 BC up until 220 AD. The first was the western Han which lasted from 206 BC to 25 AD. The eastern Han, which came after the western Han, lasted from 26 AD to until 220 AD. During those times there were a total of 26 emperors who ruled China.
The first emperor of the Han dynasty was a peasant rebel leader named Liu Bang. He was known as emperor Gao. He ruled over the Han from 202 until 195 BC. After emperor Gao there was many different rulers of the Han but the longest reigning emperor was emperor Wu, whose real name was Han Wudi. He was the 5th emperor of Han dynasty. He had many great achievements during his reign as the emperor of China. He was a militant
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Western Han lasted from 206BC until 24AD. It was known as the first powerful and united empire in China’s history. It was founded by Liu Bang, who was a peasant rebel during the end of the Qin dynasty. During the time of the Western Han, there were 12 emperors who ruled. Of them all the most famous one is Emperor Wu. He helped revolutionize China and helped restore and expand its trade and economic growth. During the Western Han period there were many great accomplishments. The agricultural achievements helped build and expand population. It helped with irrigation and conservation of water. The industrial part of the country was also improved. Looms were created and replaced manual labor for weaving. The invention of paper and porcelain also helped with the commerce. It helped develop the cities more. Trade with foreign countries also helped build the commerce of China during the Han Dynasty. The invention of paper also helped push culture and art forward. Literature flourished as paper became more popular. Confucianism became the main idea in the government. Everyone had to read and study Confucianism. Confucianism became the center of philosophical influence for many years to
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