The Gravitational Force: The Importance Of Gravity

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Gravity is the force that pulls two objects together, and the mass of the human body depends on gravity. The more the mass there is, the amount of the gravitational force will increase. The study of the Earth’s gravitational field itself is complex and deeply fascinating. Likewise, studying its relation to the human body makes it even more thought provoking. A gravitational field is simply the area of space neighboring a body that has another body experiencing a gravitational attraction force. As human beings and just general species, our state in Earth is not the same as it is up in the atmosphere or another planet. Unfortunately, the term “gravity” is thrown around futilely these days, but in this essay you will learn its purpose in our Earth, and all the notions that go along with it.

There is a model axis that should be identical to the gravitational force between the human body and Earth that is located through the center mass of the body. Accordingly, the human body is perfectly aligned as far as joins and bones go. Often in yoga practices, the COM (center of mass) is vital as it is the
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“The experience of weight is through that counteracting force of the ground pushing back on you as you are pushing down on the ground, because gravity is pulling you down. If you are in a spaceship you do not feel weight because you do not have the ground pushing up against you". (2)

On the other hand, if you travel towards the center of the Earth your weight in Newtons will not rise – as the force of gravity actually reduces! Keep in mind your mass is the still the same. Hypothetically, though, if you were in the very center of the Earth, you will have forces pulling on in every direction, and consequently the net force will be zero because all of the forces cancelling and balancing each other out… thus you will be weightless, so to

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