The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck

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Nature is not pure. It has its own inconsistencies. The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck clearly expresses that Nature and Man are one. The humans in the novel are different and each contributes differently to the conflict. Some humans contribute in creating the conflict while others contribute to the solution. Nature is the same way. It is not always dependable, yet many people put all of their faith into it. Nature can create and destroy all in one breath.
In the beginning of the novel, the land is dry and the last rains are falling. For a small time, the land is green and plentiful. Then, “The surface of the earth crusted, a thin hard crust, and as the sky became pale, so the earth became pale. Pink in the red country and white in the gray country. (3)” Here, the water is helping the people in acting in the traditional role of nature being “good.” At the end of the novel water floods the land. The flood brings death and destruction as well as new life. The old lives lived in despair are washed away and new life springs.
Rose of Sharon’s baby is a natural occurrence. Nature gives Rose of Sharon this baby and at the end of the novel, the baby is taken away from her by nature. The baby does not die in vain. The baby allows many foreshadowing events to occur. Nature does not give and take this baby without purpose and meaning. Nature does everything for a reason. There may be pain involved, but nature does what is does for the greater good of society.
Humans come from nature and inherit its characteristics. Nature has its inconsistencies and humans have developed the same inconsistencies. The wealthy landowners are oppressing the migrants. Naturally, a solution will eventually be reached. The migrants will unite against the wealthy landowners and spread their knowledge throughout the community. While they are being oppressed, they learn how to have a successful government with power being evenly distributed. This is what they will gain from all of the despair and misery. The little people will spread the knowledge they have gained from being at the bottom. Nature always gets worse before it gets better. The migrants have reached bottom low and now they are fighting back. The despair has its major downside, but at the same time, the migrants will turn it into a positive and come out of the affair with more than they went in with.