The Grammar Translation Method: The Audiolingual Approach To Language Teaching

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The Grammar Translation Method
The grammar translation method has old history and also it known as Classical or Prussian Method. İn our today, this method uses for the goal of helping students to read and appreciate foreign language literature. İn addition to, students comprehend better his/her own grammar rules of mother tongue with the target language’s grammar works and activities and thanks to this comparison and occurring proximity, students perceive language’s structure and differences.
The main principle of this method is to understand written literature in target language. Literary language is superior than spoken language. Namely, writing and reading more important than speaking and listening and also pronunciation. Morever, culture
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Namely, oral based approach. İt known as Michian, Army and New Key Method. Repetition or oral skills are important and also positive reinforcement hepls the students. Teacher speaks just in target language and also uses images and jest-mimics. İn addition to, teacher uses single-slot and multiple-slot technics. Therefore, students see techers as a model.
The Audiolingual Approach to language teaching has a lot of similarities with the Direct Method. Both were considered as a reaction against the shortcomings of the Grammar Translation method, both reject the use of the mother tongue and both stress that speaking and listening competences preceded reading and writing competences. But there are also some differences. The direct method highlighted the teaching of vocabulary while the audiolingual approach focus on grammar drills.
This method incloudes some technics like the other methods to such as; dialog memorization, backward build-up or expansion drill, repetition drill, chain drill, single-slot substitution drill, multiple-slot substitution drill, transformation drill, question and answer drill, use of minimal pairs, complete the dialog and grammar
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Caleb Gattegno, founder of the silent way, and he devotes his thinking to the importance of problem solving approach education. Depend on, the fundamental principle of this method is, teaching should be subordinated to learning. Namely, learning is faciliated if the learner discover or creates and also learning is faciliated by accompanying physical objects and finally learning is facilited by solving involving the material to be learned.
Techer is like a technician or engineer and also he or she should be respect to the autonoym of the student. Teacher gives commands and students follows these ways and they become independent by relying on themselves. Teacher stays silent generally but teacher can give some hints when student needs to help. Morever, in this process students should develop inner criteria and also true prononciation is very important. Mistakes are inevitable because of students language discovering. Homework is not given to students and this detail is important in terms of natural learning

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