The Gram Stain Experiment On Bacteria

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The gram stain experiment is used mostly to help identify bacteria inside certain products. Also, the gram stain was being used since 1884 to separate bacteria into groups. The gram stain is separated based on the reaction on the stain. Bacteria reacts based on being tested with gram positive, gram negative and gram variable. Also, based from the scientist knowledge the response that occurs from cells to the stain occurs, because of the difference in the complexity and chemistry of the bacterial cell wall. When, cells walls contains a complex polymer it becomes a peptidoglycan. But the cell walls of gram negative bacteria contains less peptidoglycan than the cell walls of graham positive bacteria. Also, the cell walls of gram
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The first chemical to stain the slide is crystal violet which contains a purple color stain and indicates a gram positive bacteria. Add enough crystal violet stain to the slide and let it sit for sixty seconds. Then, rinse the substance under slow running water. The second chemical to stain is gram iodine which fixes the dye to the cell walls of bacteria and makes the stain permanent. Add the same amount as preview of the gram iodine stain to the slide. Also, let the stain sit for sixty seconds and rinse the stain with running water. The third chemical to stain is ninety five percent of alcohol which reduces the excessiveness of dye. Add some drops of alcohol and let the alcohol sit for thirty seconds. But, not more than thirty seconds. Rinse the chemical in the slide. The last chemical stain is gram positive bacteria, a purple color which will stain a color pink in the slide. Let the stain to sit for sixty seconds then, rinse the stain under running water. After obtaining the slide with four different stain chemicals dry the slide by placing the slide in between of two sheets of highly absorbent bibulous paper. Also, using the the palm of the hand press the paper down for a few times to blot the water off the slide. Finally, repeat the previews steps for the next slide to obtain the results of contamination in the
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