The Graffiti Art terrorist who captures world’s street

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Banksy who was born in United Kingdom was actually a faceless graffiti

artist before. In 2008, he was taken pictures from people when he painted

on a street, however, this happening was argued about that the person in

the picture is real Banksy or not. With wearing a mask, Banksy is famous

to disappear after he paints his remarkable painting on a wall of street

that is off the beaten path. Although an English police tried to catch him

who calls art terrorist himself or herself, Banksy is never caught from

polices. Banksy usually works and disappear really quickly under cover of

night, as a result, remained artworks achieve recognition and have been

protected from people. He directed his tree films that are Exit Through

the Gift Shop, Children of Men and The Antic Roadshow. Banksy remain

a lot of remarkable artworks. Most of Banksy’s artworks are about social

satire, accusation or political message that gain high esteem like a real

artist unlike graffiti. Especially, my favorite five artworks of all are

Bouquet Grenade, Caveman with Junk Food, Barking Dog, S...

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